Titanium 1300ml Pot by TOAKS

1.206 Kč


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Thousand Oaks, CA | Est. 2011

TOAKS' 1300ml pots are made of pure titanium, and weigh only 4.6 oz (133g), are extremely resistant to corrosion and any physical strain. Your 1300ml comes with TOAKS' signature lockable-handled lid for your easy, safe handling. For your convenience, the 1300ml now features gradations in oz and ml, helping you plan your consumption in the backcountry.
The 1300ml titanium pot is perfect for two light eaters on a backpacking trip. It can nest with 450ml cup, 900ml D115mm pot and more below. Pack it all into the 1300, cinch up your complementary sack, and you're good to go!




  • Capacity: 44 fl oz | 1300ml
  • Dimensions: 5.125" Dia x 3.875"H | 130mm Dia x 100mm H

Weight: 3.9oz (pot only), 4.6oz (pot w/lid)

Materials: Titanium (no coating)

Made in China, designed in the USA

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