Carbon Fiber Tent Poles by Zpacks

Size: 32"


Ships in 1-2 Business Days | Based in West Melbourne, FL | Est. 2004

These ultralight carbon fiber tent poles are the perfect substitute for setting up most trekking pole shelters or tarps if you do not use trekking poles

Straight tent poles are an alternative way to pitch tents and tarps that are designed to be set up with trekking poles. This carbon is rigid, unlike dome-style tent poles. Made from high-quality wrapped carbon fiber tubing with internal carbon ferrules. The tubes are stiff and have a high strength to weight ratio.


  • Cut to fold flush with equal length sections and bound together with shock cord
  • Ends have vinyl end caps
  • Short folded length makes it easy to pack up with your tent
  • Can be cut down with a hacksaw or rotary saw - just cut off the end and replace the vinyl end cap
  • All Zpacks gear has a two year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship

Sold individually.




  • Length (fully extended): 32" | 81cm
  • Length (folded): 12"
  • Outer diameter: 0.292" | 7.4mm
  • Ideal for: propping up the side of Zpacks' tents, the foot of a flat tarp

Weight: 0.95oz


  • Length (fully extended): 48" | 122cm
  • Length (folded): 11.25"
  • Outer diameter: 0.433" | 11mm
  • Ideal for: Zpacks' Hexamid Pocket TarpDuplex & Duplex Zip, any shelter that uses a 48"/122cm pole

Weight: 2.6oz


  • Length (fully extended): 52" | 132cm
  • Length (folded): 12"
  • Outer diameter: 0.433" | 11mm
  • Ideal for: Zpacks' Plex Solo Tentany shelter that uses a 52"/132cm pole

Weight: 2.8oz


  • Length (fully extended): 58" | 147cm
  • Length (folded): 11.75"
  • Outer diameter: 0.500" | 13mm
  • Ideal for: Zpacks' Altaplex Tentany shelter that uses a 58"/147cm pole

Weight: 3.9oz

Materials: Carbon Fiber

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