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    Wool-it (Blister Aid)

    Home grown in the South Island of New Zealand the Corriedale sheep are farmed in this temperate climate where they are out in the grassy pastures all year round and produce a resilient wool free of dust, dirt and thistles.

    Our suppliers only accept wool from ethically-produced, grass fed sheep free from mulesing.

    Wool-it as a product takes the pressure away from the hot spots in your shoes!

    Hot spots are caused by any combination of the 3 elements : friction, moisture and heat and may result in painful pressure points or blisters. Wool-it Wool is easy to use and immediately effective.

    Wool-it wool is: Light as a feather to carry, very compact, adhesive free, 100% natural, and grown on the back of real NZ sheep. The BEST defense against blisters!