Olo Packraft Paddle by Supai Adventure Gear


$ 179.99


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Chandler, AZ | Est. 2011

Supai Adventure Gear is proud to introduce the Super Ultralight Olo Packrafting Paddle. After over a year of development, they are excited to finally offer a packraft paddle that perfectly complements the Canyon Flatwater packraft. Just like the packraft, Supai Adventure Gear strove to re-define what is possible in terms of weight while maintaining performance.

When combined, the packraft and paddle creates a water-worthy kit that weighs an astonishing light 38oz. This raft/paddle combination has an equivalent weight that some competitor’s boats weigh!

Please remember that the paddles don’t float so make sure to secure them while in use.


  • Lightest packrafting paddle on the market
  • Full-length profile
  • 5 pieces (3 piece shaft & 2 paddle blades)



  • Total Shaft length: 51"
  • Longest Shaft section: 19"
  • Total Paddle length: 78.5" (~200 cm)


  • Shaft weight: 7.1oz
  • Blade weight: 7oz
  • Total weight 14.5 ounces


  • Carbon fiber blades
  • Aluminum shaft

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