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Size: .6oz
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Ships in 1-2 business days | Made in Charlotte, NC | Est. 2014

The most awesome product you'll ever put on your face, the one that started it all. Rub it on in the morning before you hit the slopes and save your face from wind and sun damage. Tomorrow, nobody at the office will know that your sick day was spent on the mountain. 


Based on shea butter and beeswax that create a protective, breathable, and noncomedogenic barrier on the skin, preventing the elements from stripping your skin of moisture. Also includes some of the best sun protection ingredients around that are never white or chalky, so you're protected against sun damage too. Finally, herbal extracts and vitamins to help preventatively heal your skin. Just slather on a liberal amount before hitting the slopes for complete skin protection. Go ahead, ski naked. We've got you covered.

.6 OZ Jar for up to 5 days on the slopes
1.5 OZ jar for many more!


Weight: .6oz / 1.5oz

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