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    Whyld River Doggybags

    It was 2016, I'd just moved back to Portland, OR for grad school and River (my dog) and I were preparing for our first backpacking trip up near Mt. Hood. 

    As River is a skinny boy (no matter how many steak bites I feed him!) I brought along a huge old sleeping bag for him to curl up in.  It took up half of my 70L pack.  However, it was made for a human.  It didn't fit River properly and he kept uncovering himself in the middle of the night.  In the morning I woke up to find him shivering so badly that we had to pack up and leave.  When we made it back to the car It took him an hour with the heat on full blast to finally stop shaking.  I was so scared that I had almost killed my best friend, just from being ill-equipped for the PNW weather!

    After this frightening experience, I knew I had to find better gear to make sure River could be safe and comfortable in order to continue to take him on my outdoor adventures.

    I started looking around, but all of the sleeping bags I could find for River looked cheaply made.  I wanted a sleeping bag that was a similar quality to my own sleeping bag!


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