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    Voke Tab

    Voke Energy Tabs are a spill proof alternative to energy drinks and coffee. An ideal combination of natural ingredients provides a balanced boost without sugar, artificial sweeteners or excessive vitamins.

    Kalen Caughey, creator of Voke Tab, started mixing up energy tabs in his dorm room a decade ago. As a competitive skier who enjoyed the effects of caffeine, he wanted something he could stick in his pocket and eat on the chairlift.

    He soon teamed up with his dad, a biochemist, to develop his idea further. Together they combed through scientific literature on ingredients that improve memory, focus, metabolism and physical stamina. The resulting Voke Tab formula they developed is a combination of Acerola Cherry, Guarana Berry Seed and Green Tea Leaf Caffeine to produce a vitalizing energy lift.


    Voke Energy Tabs From $ 6.99