Chargers by Shamma Sandals


Size: 5
Footbed: Ultragrip
Power Straps (+$11.95): No
$ 79.95


Ships directly from Shamma in 3-5 business days | Based in Santa Cruz, CA | Est. 2014

Tap into your natural strength - Regain your form, balance, and movement. Chargers are light and responsive without even a trace of floppiness. Smooth on the road, and rock solid on the trail.

Thickness: 6mm-7mm

Weight: approximately 3.2oz / sandal (at size 9)

The Ride

Chargers have the smoothest ride of all our sandals and they are especially good on hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete. They're capable off-road as well.

Sandal Sole

Chargers use a 6mm Vibram Morflex sole. Morflex is a microcellular material, which shapes up to your feet very quickly. It flexes but its not floppy. Compared to a standard rubber sole which has bounce, Morflex has a slight bit of give to it.

Footbed Options

Tobacco Brown Leather - Comfy goatskin leather, great for most conditions. Very comfortable whether you are walking, hiking, or running. It is also great at managing small amounts of moisture like foot sweat.

UltraGrip - This all-weather footbed is made from a specially designed Toughtek® material. The diamond pattern creates a large surface area for your foot, while channeling away water, dirt, and mud. UltraGrip is micro-perforated, so it can absorb small amounts of moisture to maintain optimal grip. From running in the rain to creek walking, backpacking and more, this footbed is a great all-around choice.

Lacing System

Chargers use our Elite Lacing. The Shamma Elite Lacing System comfortably and securely keeps your feet connected to your sandals. It is fully adjustable across your feet, down your feet, and in the heel. Adjustment are quick, easy, and secure with hook and loop fasteners. For an additional layer of stability and performance, Ultra Lacing can be paired with our Power Straps.

Ideal For

Chargers are ideal for anyone looking for a great minimalist sandal that allows you to move naturally. From first time minimalists to experienced veterans, Chargers are a great introduction to the Shamma lineup.



Thickness: 6mm-7mm

Weight: approximately 3.2oz / sandal (at size 9)

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