Sonic Stake by Zpacks


Size: 6" Sonic
$ 2


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in West Melbourne, FL | Est. 2004

These Sonic Stakes have a "Y-Beam" shape which gives them great holding power in a small package. The three-sided design also gives them good bend resistance for an ultralight stake. The price of aluminum beats titanium or carbon.

These are bright blue, which makes them hard to lose. They have a cord on the end to make it easy to pull them out of the ground.

Never hammer ultralight stakes. While the bend resistance feels very solid, these are able to bend if you put your full weight on them. They can also be bent back reasonably well. The 7" stakes are strong enough to withstand being hammered or pounded with a rock, however the top end may get chewed up so we would still recommend avoiding hammering. If the ground is too firm, turn them sideways and anchor them with a rock.


  • Y-shape for better holding power
  • Bright blue for better visibility



  • Length: 6" or 7"
  • Diameter: 8mm or 11.5mm

Weight: 0.3oz (6" incl. cord), 0.56oz (7" incl. cord)


  • High grade aluminum

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