Pot Stuff Sacks by Pond's Edge LLC


Color: White
Size: Tks 550
$ 20.50


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Gleason, WI | Est. 2021

Keep your cookpot & lid from rattling around in your backpack! Designed to fit Toaks cook pots 550ml, 650ml, and 750ml. 

Bonus: Cinch it over your headlamp to diffuse the light and create a DIY lantern!


*Note: Picture with two white pot stuff sacks is shown with a BOT HD in the Tks 750 tall and a TOAKS 650ml Pot in the Tks 550. Picture with one white & one graphite pot stuff sack is shown with a TOAKS 750ml Pot in the Tks 750 and with a BOT 700 in the graphite Tks 750. Individual photos show TOAKS pots in their corresponding stuff sacks (TOAKS 550ml Pot in the Tks 550, 650ml/Tks 650, 750ml/Tks 750 & Tks 750 tall.)



    • Tks 550: 4 3/8" Dia x 5" T
    • Tks 650: 4 3/8" Dia x 5 1/2" T
    • Tks 750: 4 3/8" Dia x 6" T

    Weight: 0.1oz


    • Dyneema Composite Fabric
    • Nylon cord (random color)
    • Plastic cordlock

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