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Embark Adventure Packs are pouched maple syrup combined with a few simple, organic ingredients to provide clean nutrition and outstanding flavor for ultra-athletes, everyday adventurers and culinary explorers. The flavors were developed with the help of a panel of professional chefs, foodies and brewers; a parallel panel of endurance athletes tested the performance.

An Embark Sample Pack contains one each of Salted Maple Energy, Coffee Maple Energy, Elderberry Maple Energy.

3 oz pouches.


SALTED MAPLE ENERGY: with the natural minerals and electrolytes needed by athletes and adventurers, this salted maple energy pack is a trail favorite. It can be consumed straight from the pouch for a kick of sustained energy or back at camp in a culinary or cocktail exploration. With just two ingredients, there is no mystery what fuels your adventure!

Ingredients: Organic Maple Syrup, Sea Salt

  • 320 calories per pouch
  • Caffeine-free energy
  • Complete electrolyte profile with 250mg of sodium
  • Favorite Uses: Glaze freshly caught salmon; Add to oatmeal; Craft camp cocktails


COFFEE MAPLE ENERGY: When you need energy but won’t compromise flavor, Salted Coffee Maple is the way to go. With an additional 24mg of organic caffeine per oz, and the sustained energy provided by Maple Syrup, this is the favorite of endurance athletes and culinary adventurers alike.

Ingredients: Organic maple syrup, organic Wonderstate coffee, sea salt, organic green tea extract (caffeine)

  • 320 calories per pouch
  • 72 mg of caffeine, from organic green tea
  • Complete electrolyte profile with 250mg of sodium
  • Favorite Uses: Straight from the pouch for quick, easy digesting and long lasting energy. Combine with warm, whole milk for an Embark Steamer!


ELDERBERRY MAPLE ENERGY: The bold fresh flavor of Elderberry Maple contains all the nutrients of maple syrup, with the additional benefits of organic elderberries. Perfectly balanced in both taste and performance, Elderberry Maple can be enjoyed from the pouch, mixed with water for a delicious hydration aid or drizzled over ice cream to reward a job well done.

Ingredients: Organic maple syrup, organic elderberry concentrate, sea salt. 

  • 320 calories per pouch
  • Complete electrolyte profile with 250mg of sodium
  • Additional benefits of Organic elderberries
  • Favorite Uses: Mix with water for Embark Elderberry Hyrdation. One pouch makes six 16oz water bottles. Bonus, fabulous with sparkling water!

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