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    ULA Equipment

    In August of 2009, outdoors enthusiasts Chris and Sally accepted ownership of ULA Equipment with great ambition from the founder, Brian. It didn't take long for the two to find their rhythm within the business and match the growth of sales with innovation and commitment to a thriving outdoor community. 

    Their first big hire, Rodney Tripp, has proven to possess a level of sewing knowledge that's arguably unparalleled in the industry. He has single-handedly raised quality and production to the highest level. In 2010, Rodney became a partner in the business, and they couldn’t be more pleased to have him and his beautiful family on board.

    After a handful of renovations and relocations, ULA has settled in Logan, Utah while retaining the same employees who were with them from the beginning. Quality and devotion to a dedicated team go hand in hand, and slightly raised prices are a comparatively small price to pay for keeping manufacturing local and reliable. No overseas dealings means direct company to customer engagement and guaranteed top shelf gear. 

    They don't just say it: they sew it.