Color Day Cloth Pads by GladRags

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Color: Yellow/Polka Dot
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Product: Color Day Cloth Pads by GladRags

Description: assorted colors

What's wrong with this item?: Discontinued product.


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Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Portland, OR | Est. 1993

GladRags Day Pads have a unique three-part design which allows you to customize the pad according to your flow. Choose one or two absorbent inserts to place inside the envelope-style holder, or use the holder alone for an ultra-slim liner!

The Day Pad Plus features additional length for an extended coverage area.


  • 1 holder
  • 2 inserts

  • Capacity: equivalent to a standard-size maxi pad
  • Dimensions: ~9" long, 2.75" wide (when snapped)
Weight: 0.6oz (with 1 insert), 0.8oz (with 2 inserts)

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