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    Superior Switchel

    We founded Superior Switchel Co. one winter's night on the stovetop of our tiny apartment's galley kitchen in Saint Louis Park, MN. One brewed batch and 24 hours later a superior idea was born. The name Superior Switchel was chosen for the great North's Lake Superior.  

    Not only have the Great Lakes been a constant for exploration and adventure in our lives, but switchel and water go together like peanut butter and bananas. Switchel was founded centuries ago by North American sailors as a health tonic for their long voyages. It was known to make their water drinkable and aide in nausea on the open water.

    It was this appreciation for the Northern adventure that drove our passion to create something superior - a gluten and caffeine-free, paleo and vegan friendly beverage crafted with fresh, organic ingredients for the adventurous at heart. Our switchel can be served either hot or cold, chugged on the sidelines, or mixed as a key ingredient in your evening campfire cocktail. (We like to call it re-toxing while detoxing.)

    Superior Switchel is a montage of the areas we grew up in, and a thank you to the waves that connected them. Go ahead and give it a try for yourself; Skål!