NU25 400 Lumen Rechargeable Headlamp by Nitecore


Style: NU25 UL | Yellow
$ 36.95


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Austin, TX | Est. 2009

The NU25 is back lighter and more powerful than before with a dual beam spotlight and floodlight for a combined 400 lumen max that can reach out to 70 yards. Equipped with an upgraded unibody optical lens system switch freely between a primary spot LED, offering three brightness settings, to the flood LED for even wide illumination, ideal for close up tasks and reading. Alternatively, switch to the dual red auxiliary LEDs and protect your night vision or a long lasting signal light. The NU25 is rated IP66 water resistant, features a bold new aerodynamic unibody design that efficiently dissipates heat and looks stylish to boot.

The NU25 has a built-in 650mAh rechargeable battery that can achieve a maximum runtime of 45 hours on its lowest setting. Now with an integrated USB-C port the NU25 fast charges to full in only one and a half hours. A power indicator tells you when it's time to charge while lockout mode prevents accidental activation. The intuitive dual button interface puts the controls right at your fingertips so you have more time to enjoy the surroundings.


The NU25 UL is the lightest headlamp, at only 1.59 ounces, optimized for the most dedicated outdoor enthusiast that take carry weight very seriously. The dual band design evenly distributes the weight with a very simple cinching mechanism to control the tightness for user comfort. The multithreaded cord has highly reflective bands for enhanced visibility, as well as glow-in-the-dark bands for visibility without ambient light.

    NU25 UL Includes:

    • Nitecore NU25 UL Headlamp
    • Ultra lightweight Headband
    • USB-C Charging cord


    The NU25 is a hybrid band and cord set up newly designed by Nitecore to be even lighter and more comfortable for outdoor users and enthusiasts. Rear plate of the NU25 has two latches that snap down on the headband allowing for easy detachment for cleaning and maintenance. The headband portion is lightweight, elastic, and comfortable with the thick silicone band for enhanced grip.

    NU25 Includes:

    • Nitecore NU25 Headlamp
    • Sports Headband
    • USB-C Charging cord


      • Max Output of 400 Lumens with 70-Yard throw
      • Equipped with spotlight and floodlight with red light
      • Redesigned Sports Headband (NU25) and Ultra-light dual-band design (NU25 UL) is lightweight, reflective and glows in the dark
      • Three light sources (white, high CRI, and red)
      • Dual switches for easy operation
      • Lockout function and built-in power indicator
      • Charges vis USB-C



        • Dimensions: 2.37" L x 1.45" W x 0.98" H
        • Battery Type: Built-in 650mAh li-ion
        • Peak Beam Distance: 70 yds
        • Peak Beam Intensity: 1029cd
        • IP Rating: IP66
        • Impact Resistance: 1m

        Weight: 1.98oz (NU25), 1.59oz (NU25 UL)

        Brightness Outputs (2022):

        High 400 Lumens 2 hr 40 min
        Mid 200 Lumens 4 hr 40 min
        Low 60 Lumens 10 hr 25 min
        Mid 200 Lumens 4 hr 15 min
        Low 60 Lumens 10 hr 30 min
        Mid 200 Lumens 4 hr 10 min
        low 60 Lumens 10 hr 30 min
        Ultralow 6 Lumens 45 hr
        Constant ON 10 Lumens 16h
        Slow Flashing 10 Lumens --
        SOS 400 Lumens --
        BEACON 400 Lumens --

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