Tent Pole by Cnoc Outdoors


Size: 45"
$ 37.99


Ships in 1-2 Business Days | Based in Portland, OR | Est. 2017

Going Bikepacking or for a quick overnighter backpacking trip and don't really need the Trekking Poles? The new CNOC Tent Pole is lighter and packs smaller, making it the perfect alternative support pole for your 'trekking pole shelter.'

Flush and smooth design using 5 sections, single diameter tubes, making the tent poles easy to use and deploy. Easily fit with tents that have metal grommets, these tent poles feature an aluminum cap at the bottom and a grommet tip at the top. 

Low vibration  0.375"/9.5mm diameter Carbon Fiber tubes with CF inserts, makes for a feather light tube ranging from 2.66oz/75.5g to 3oz/86.2g only. 

Made in Cnoc Outdoors' Portland, OR, USA, factory, the poles come in 3 sizes: 45"/115cm, 47"/120cm and 49"/125cm to match your tent.


  • 5 sections design for small packed size (intentionally designed to fit between bike handlebars)
  • Rigid, low vibration, durable Carbon Fiber for a solid pitch
  • Ultralight weight
  • Single internal bungee cord for fast deployment and collapsing
  • No bonding allows for easy repair
  • Velcro strap keeps the pole organized when packed in a small backpack or even a frame pack



  • 45" (115cm) fully extended, 11.2" collapsed
  • 47"(120cm) fully extended, 11.6" collapsed
  • 49"(125cm) fully extended, 12" collapsed

Weight: 3.0oz


  • Wrapped Carbon Fiber in 0.375" diameter (made in USA)
  • 7075 Aluminum tip and cap (made in China)
  • 1/8" Nylon bungee cord (made in USA)
  • 6" Velcro strap (made in USA)

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