Mid 1 by Hyperlite Mountain Gear

$ 599


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Biddeford, ME | Est. 2010

Wild places, party of one

For the backpacker that enjoys the simplicity and solitude that comes with solo travel, the Mid 1 three-season pyramid tent fits the vibe. Constructed with Hyperlite Mountain Gear's trusted and favorite blends of ultralight, durable, and 100% waterproof made-in-the-USA Dyneema© Composite Fabrics, this single-wall, fully enclosed, single pole retreat builds off what they already know so well from the decade they and countless kindred explorers have experienced with the legendary UltaMid 2 and 4.

Scaled down to accommodate one person with plenty of room to spare, with a weight of less than 17.4 oz, the Mid 1 is quick and efficient to set up, quiet and stable in wind and rain, and easy to live and recharge in. So head out and claim your little corner of this big ol’ wonderful world wherever you land each night. The Mid 1 is an ideal companion for those that go it alone.


  • 100% waterproof Dyneema Composite Fabrics, water resistant hardware, and wind-shedding walls provide a well-deserved break and a shield against the elements
  • Set up and take down is quick and easy, the large crescent door opens with one hand, and guylines can be tailored to your preferred placements
  • Adjust the height of the bathtub floor to increase airflow or keep out moisture.
  • Dual peak vents help mitigate condensation
  • Tie-outs: Interchangeable vestibule door tie-out points, 6 perimeter tie-outs with linelocs reinforced with DCF11, 2 rear mid-panel tie-outs, 2 side mid-panel tie outs, 1 apex tie-out.


  • 4 Removable 9" Pieces of 3/32" Shockcord
  • 6", 0.6oz pole jack for use with shorter trekking poles



    • Capacity: 1
    • Floor Dimensions (interior bathtub floor): 96"L x 32”W x 6"H
    • Floor Dimensions (exterior): 107"L x 54”W
    • Floor Area: 21ft²
    • Interior Height: 54”
    • Packed Dimensions: 5.5” x 8.5”
    • Pole setup: 1 pole (not included), 135cm (+/- 5cm), pole jack (included) for shorter trekking poles

    Weight: 16.8oz


    • Body: DCF5, No-See-Um Mesh
    • Floor: DCF10
    • Zipper: #3 YKK (interior), #3 YKK Aquaguard (exterior)

    Made in Mexico


    Setup Instructions: 

    Make sure campsite is clear from sticks, rocks, or other sharp pointed objects. For optimal pitch, lay out shelter on flat, level ground

    • Remove shelter from the stuff sack and close the vestibule door zipper.
    • Stake out each of the 4 corners at 90 degree angles from each other.
    • Adjust pole to a minimum pole height of 130cm (install pole jack to supplement height if necessary).
    • Unzip the door and insert the pole.
    • Zip door
    • Adjust the 2 front corners of the shelter so that the front corner seams become taut.
    • Adjust the 2 back corners of the shelter so that the back corner seams become taut
    • Stake out the door tie-out, tighten
    • Stake out rear perimeter tie-out enough to take any looseness out of the panel. DO NOT overtighten.
    • To increase stability in higher winds, attaching additional guyline to the front apex tie-out is recommended. To mitigate panel deflection in higher winds, utilize the 4 mid-panel tie outs AND the pre-attached shock cord loops. DO NOT over-tension these points as to disfigure the pitch of the shelter.

      Ventilation helps control condensation and temperature inside the tent. Both doors can be rolled up independently to provide maximum air flow and visibility. Large vents on both side panels are adjustable by reshaping the plastic brim.

      Care Instructions: 

      • Maintenance: Periodically check the tent fabric, zippers, stake-out points, and trekking pole contact areas for signs of stress or tears and repair any damage before continued use.
      • Cleaning: Take the time on a dry, sunny day to spot-clean any areas that need it or wash out the tent completely. A hose with a bucket of water and a mild soap (non-detergent and non oil-based soaps work well, do not use bleach) will work on any of Hyperlite's DCF fabrics, fasteners, and zippers. Make sure your tent is completely dry before long term storage.
      • Storage: Store uncompressed, in a dry place, and with minimal fluctuation in temperature if possible.

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