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    Roscoe Outdoor

    An ideal climbing pant would include a few essential features: zipped pockets to keep items from falling out while dangling inside a cave. The knees and seat would be durable enough to outlast being dragged across granite. The pant would be fitted, yet unrestrictive. It would be made with enclosed belt loops and quick dry material, to keep it comfortable to wear. Rolling up the cuffs would be easy, and there would be reflectors built into the cuffs for night-time visibility.

    This is the Washakie pant, dreamt up and designed by Hailey DeMarois and Hans Howell, who couldn’t find a pair of climbing pants they loved. In 2008 they founded Montana clothing company Roscoe Outdoor. What started with a focus on climbing has since expanded to include clothing for all kind of outdoor activities, especially hiking, backpacking and biking.