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    In New Zealand there’s an expression that Possumdown calls "Kiwi ingenuity." It’s based on an attitude of wasting nothing and making the most of things. It’s about taking the ordinary and turning it into something great. It’s the same attitude that brought us famous Kiwis like famous scientist Ernest Rutherford, and the story of Possumdown is a beautiful example of that very same Kiwi ingenuity. It all started in 1991, when farmer Bob Powell and his wife Helen had a fantastically wild idea: use the fur of rampant, Australian-native possums (which the NZ government invests $100 million a year on to control) for ultra-plush, ultra-durable apparel. With a little bit of help from some friends, Bob Powell created the first brushtail possum/merino fabric, laying the textile foundations for Possumdown to blossom from.

    A brushtail possum's fur is composed of hollow, breathable fibres much like a polar bear's coat. It's also very water resistant, unbelievably light-weight and so soft even babies can wear it. If Possumdown could send the brushtails all back to Australia where they came from, they probably would, but they'd need an army to do that. So the talented East Tamake tailors carry on the task of weaving invasive species into textile innovation, one sock at a time.


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    34 reviews
    Ordering from GGG

    I live in Canada, and am more than impressed with GGG! So far I have ordered food from Food for the Sole and a Kula cloth, but on their site I saw an Enlightened Equipment sleeping bag which I found through another site. Thanks GGG for your excellent service!

    I'll Be Back...

    Sure its a great line from Terminator, but its also my feeling towards GGG. I've discovered a TON of new brands here, and while I've only placed a couple of orders, I've been really impressed by the customer service and quality of gear. What a neat idea for a website!

    Fantastic Customer Service & Products

    Garage Grown Gear might have the best customer service I've ever seen. I barely missed out on ordering the LAST sleeping bag online and e-mailed the company asking when they might get more. Lloyd immediately e-mailed back saying he would keep an eye on it and let me know. It was a nice gesture but to be honest, I didn't expect much. Well about 6 days later I awoke to an e-mail from Lloyd saying one new bag just arrived and would probably go quickly. He provided the link if I was still interested. WOW. I grabbed the sleeping bag and it arrived a few days later and I LOVE it. Garage Grown Gear is a fantastic company with great products and I highly recommend them.

    Great company!


    I ordered a Torrid Apex Jacket size medium late on a Sunday night. Garage Grown Gear immediatley e-mailed me a confirmation and they had my jacket at the USPS on Tuesday - pretty fast. The jacket was in my hands in Smyrna, Georgia on Friday, not quite 5 business days after I placed my order. So, I would rate the performance of Garage Grown Gear about a 4.8. I've knocked off 0.2 points because they did not have my jacket at the USPS the very next business day after I placed my order. I e-mailed them because tracking led me to believe that the jacket was lost and the responded very quickly. In my book, perfection is not attainable but I consider Garage Grown Gear to be far closer than most. Dealing with them was a pleasant experience....