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    Pac Back

    On a backpacking trip along the Salmonberry Trail, Lily and John sat on I-beams playing cribbage. They awoke the next morning with sore backs and behinds with an all-day trek ahead of them back to their truck. While trekking in the scorching hot sun, their conversation kept returning to how they couldn’t completely enjoy their trip, because they were so uncomfortable at camp. They decided to buy some sort of backpacking chair or mattress pad accessory that would allow them to be more relaxed and well-rested while backpacking. When they started shopping, they discovered that there wasn’t a product that would solve their problems. Everything on the market either didn’t have cushion or back support or was going to break the bank. So they resolved to create their own solution.

    Ten prototypes later, Trio was born: a backpacking mattress pad that also serves as a pillow and chair. Their friends and family loved the product so much that they decided to obtain patent-pending status and share the Trio with the entire outdoors community. The Trio's just too comfortable to keep a secret.

    Trio by Pac Back From $ 119.99

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    29 reviews
    2 Thumbs Up!

    I'm always sceptical with international shipping! Is it worth it or not... Well in this case it definitely has been! After two orders I can say with confidence that these guys are great at their jobs! The products I ordered were great and just what I excepted. And customer service has been exceptionally good! Lloyd and the GGG team are a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Guys! :)

    Great Company! Great Customer Service!

    Garage Grown Gear is an awesome company run by people who really understand the field of wilderness travel and expeditions. The customer service is expectional.
    Lloyd and his team are super friendly and knowledgeable. Buying products through Garage Grown Gear is a great way to support small businesses and avoid large corporations taking over our planet!

    Great product and great, friendly service

    I purchased a superior wilderness designs backpack from here. What was great is that purchasing the item through garage grown gear, rather than SWD themselves, I was able to get this item a lot faster. It's a custom made backpack and everything was exactly what I had asked for. They even forgot to charge me for an upgraded brace on the backpack and when I brought it up, they rewarded me with more goodies for honesty. Lloyd was super helpful throughout the process, with both myself and my husband who ordered our packs seperately. Will definitely purchase more items for our future asventures!

    Unique outdoor gifts, fast shipping

    I found some great Christmas gifts on this website! I live to support small outdoor startups so that makes the purchases even better. Fast processing and shipping. You rock GGG!!

    Ten star rating needed!

    You read that correctly! GGG have taken every curve ball I’ve thrown at them and delivered amazing results! From one off orders to the legendary seasonal box offerings, I have been BLOWN AWAY! I have never had the pleasure of working WITH a customer service so on top of the game until GGG. Lloyd and crew have my support tenfold! Highest recommends!