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    Pac Back

    On a backpacking trip along the Salmonberry Trail, Lily and John sat on I-beams playing cribbage. They awoke the next morning with sore backs and behinds with an all-day trek ahead of them back to their truck. While trekking in the scorching hot sun, their conversation kept returning to how they couldn’t completely enjoy their trip, because they were so uncomfortable at camp. They decided to buy some sort of backpacking chair or mattress pad accessory that would allow them to be more relaxed and well-rested while backpacking. When they started shopping, they discovered that there wasn’t a product that would solve their problems. Everything on the market either didn’t have cushion or back support or was going to break the bank. So they resolved to create their own solution.

    Ten prototypes later, Trio was born: a backpacking mattress pad that also serves as a pillow and chair. Their friends and family loved the product so much that they decided to obtain patent-pending status and share the Trio with the entire outdoors community. The Trio's just too comfortable to keep a secret.

    Trio by Pac Back From $ 119.99