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    mountainFLOW eco-wax

    In 2016, mountainFLOW eco-wax was formed with a straightforward mission: provide a simple and eco-friendly way to improve the skiing experience. Their first product was a water-based anti-stick spray that reduced snow and ice buildup on top of skis. This product became popular in the backcountry community, where weight is the name of the game. Reducing snow buildup kept skis light and helped skiers to efficiently venture into the mountains without carrying pounds of unnecessary weight. 

    They soon realized that eco-friendly waxes were a rare commodity in the ski industry. So in 2017 they began testing all-natural base waxes. They were looking for a product that was easy to apply and that was non-hazardous to the environment. With the introduction of our eco-friendly quick wax and skin wax, they decided that it was time to rebrand with a name that more accurately encompassed our mission. Enter mountainFLOW eco-wax.