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    Four years ago Morsel's founders Alex and Zac crossed paths. They recently began similar careers in engineering, and having a mutual passion in the climbing, backpacking and outdoor adventures, it wasn't long before they began developing ideas for an outdoor product company. The two set out to start solving pain points they had experienced with their own outdoor gear. Morsel Spork was what became of their desire for a strong, efficiently designed eating utensil that wouldn't break and would help them get the most of out of their meal time.

    Morsel is a Portland, Oregon based company seeking to be an innovative outdoor accessory brand, focused on creating better products through thoughtful design. Guided by the belief that good design should solve problems and enhance experiences, Morsel is out to make high quality, functional, and beautify gear that brings value to enthusiasts and gets new people excited about the outdoors. Morsel’s co-founders each have over 10 years of product design and manufacturing experience and have both previously launched (and delivered) successful Kickstarter products. This may be their first spork, but it's not their first rodeo.