WYO-Magnet Trout Hat by Give'r


Color: Black Mesh and Camo
$ 29.99


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Jackson, WY | Est. 2010

The Wyo-MAGNET Trout Hat was born in the Give'r laboratory to make your fishing experience better than ever before! Combined with a touch of Give'r style and the energy to give it our all, our patent-pending design utilizes magnetism to hold on to your lures and flies when you're out Given'r.

  • Tested and loved by multiple local fishing legends
  • No more ruining your favorite toppers by hooking flies and lures into the brim
  • No more missing those split-second opportunities to catch "the big one" as you fumble for a fly
  • Negligible force beyond 2 mm – no need for health concerns

In short, this hat's got you covered.

See specs tab for more details!


  • Cotton twill front panel and visor
  • Nylon mesh back panel and ProCrown
  • Adjustable plastic snap backstrap

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