Curvy Fit Hoodies by Balabūsta Gear

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Color: Teal/Dolphin/Black
Size: X-Small
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Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Asheville, NC | Est. 2020

Made from USA-sourced, 100% synthetic, Polartec Powergrid stretch fleece.

Curvy Fit vs Straight Fit...?

“Curvy fit" is what used to be called “women's fit," but Balabūsta finds that to be an unhelpful signifier. Bodies of all genders can prefer a curvy fit to a straight fit, so this garment is for bodies who prefer the torso measurements to be wider at the chest and hip and narrower at the waist. There’s also a band at the hip opening that is not on the straight fit. (This cut is also slightly more narrow at the shoulders than the straight fit hoodies are. See size chart for measurements).




  • X-Small: 10.9oz
  • Small: 11.6oz
  • Medium: 12.2oz
  • Large: 13.2oz
  • X-Large: 14.1oz
  • 2X-Large: 15.2oz

Materials: Polartec Powergrid stretch fleece

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