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The Original .pac was designed with the tampon user in mind, but fear not, .pac easily accommodates those who choose other items for that time of the month. Because of its compact and simple design, .pac can fit in larger pockets and takes up very little space in a backpack.   

.pac is perfect for (but not limited to):  hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, road biking, rock climbing, rafting, trail running, triathlons, being a responsible steward of the outdoors, hunting, travel, organization, open water swimming, and festivals.

A brief description of how the .pac works is explained below, looking at an open .pac left to right:

Pocket #1: Empty disposable bag pocket - this is where you will put all things used. *The disposable bag that comes with each .pac purchase is made of 20% pre-consumed recycled materials and is leak proof and 'smell' proof.  

Pocket #2. Your needs section - can fit up to three "super" size tampons (based on the kotex brand of 'expandable' tampon). This is also the pocket where thin pads can fit and is a great pocket for back up products for a menstrual cup user.

Pocket #3. Wipe section - this is the pocket to keep you feeling fresh and clean. *Each purchase of a .pac includes a Rosewater wipe made by the goodwipes company.

Pocket #4. Used waste bag section - This is where you store the disposable bag (from pocket #1) that is now filled with all things used. The snap provides security depending on how empty or full your used waste bag is. Upon return from your adventure, simply remove the used waste bag from pocket #4, and throw it away.



  • Dimensions: 10.5" wide x 5.5" tall

    Weight: 1.2oz

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