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    Liquid Hardware

    A magnetic lid sets Liquid Hardware apart from the slew of other water bottles on the market. This allows you to stick the lid to the side of the container while sipping, slurping and gulping.

    Especially useful while driving, the magnet prevents the lid from flapping in your face or falling under your feet. In fact, founder Stephen Kitto got the idea for Liquid Hardware as a fumbled water bottle lid rattled around underneath his car pedals.

    Liquid Hardware used Kickstarter to successfully introduce its original water bottle, the Outrigger. And, then again, to offer its vacuum-sealed water bottle, the Sidewinder. The Sidewinder keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. It also has a silicon sheath placed over the magnet on the lid that provides enough friction to stick your water bottle to nearly any metal object, including a truck, fridge, weight bench or swing set.