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    Lever Gear

    In January of 2015, Mike launched Lever Gear with his wife, April, to bring the Toolcard™ to life and develop a brand of premium everyday carry gear. Mike runs the design, engineering, and creative direction of the company, while April runs the media and marketing. The Toolcard™ is made in the USA, with their main production facility just minutes from their Asheville office. This proximity enables them to work closely with the manufacturing team throughout the design process and optimize the design for manufacturability. 

    Lever Gear designs products for people who tackle life head on and do it with style. You demand the best from your tools and the objects you carry, and so do we. There’s plenty of stuff in the world; frankly, too much. Lever Gear believes in having less stuff, designed with more care.

    Their mission is to restore the art of craftsmanship to manufactured goods—to design great looking products that solve real problems, work flawlessly, and stand the test of time.