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    Hungry Hikers

    Hungry Hikers, the makers of the “One Pot Wonder” freeze dried, gourmet adventure food is a company based in Bend, Oregon that supplies unparalleled, delicious and hearty meals to the outdoor enthusiast. They have researched, developed and now manufacture innovative, savory meals that have been tried and tested in a variety of climates, altitudes and geo-locations.  Their meals are pre-packaged and require one pot, some water, a stove (or fire) and a few minutes to cook (instead of re-hydrating) to bring out the unique and delicious flavors. They look forward to fueling your next adventure!

    Their Mission:  To produce light-weight, innovative, delicious tasting meals that meet the highest standards of quality and freshness for our customers. Hungry Hikers will strive to keep their concepts fresh, exciting and on the cutting edge of the outdoor food market.