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Knowing slope angle is a critical factor in assessing avalanche hazard. The PoleClinometer slope meter is the quickest and easiest way to get accurate “on the go” slope angle measurements. It’s a sticker you put on your ski pole that lets you measure slope angles by line-of-sight. Who knew 0.02 ounces could save your life?

This sticker kit turns your ski pole into the world’s lightest and fastest slope meter!  Here's what's included...

    • PoleClinometer Stickers
      (three sizes to fit all standard pole shaft diameters)
    • Clear Protective Skin for rugged durability
    • Alcohol Wipes for surface prep
     Optional DANG-A-LOOP bungee
    • Easy-to-Follow Instructions for installation and use



0.02 ounces

The PoleClinometer slope meter is compatible with the vast majority of ski poles available today, but there are exceptions.  Here’s what to look for…

Your pole must be straight and uniform with little or no taper in the upper section of the shaft. No curved downhill racing poles, and no poles you've fallen on a few too many times.

Your pole’s cross-section must be circular in the upper shaft area. No aero teardrop profiles, and no funky bamboo shapes.

PoleClinometer now fits ANY diameter ski pole! The standard kit fits 14mm, 16mm, or 18mm diameters out-of-the-box. That's nearly all ski poles made! But we now have solutions for the odd exceptions too. Just order the regular kit! It'll almost certainly fit. If you find that it doesn't, we'll send you the extra bits you'll need at no charge. Or if you suspect you have special needs, just tell us about your pole in the order comments (make, model, measured diameter, whatever you have) and we'll endeavor to get you sorted.

For more details, visit PoleClinometer.com

PoleClinometer will only fit 14mm, 16mm, and 18mm upper shaft diameters.  Thankfully, that’s almost every single ski pole, trekking pole, etc. made today (other than the odd shapes pictured above).  If you find that your PoleClinometer won’t fit your pole because you have an odd upper shaft diameter, contact us.

How Does It Work?

PoleClinometer uses the shape of your ski pole to do its thing.  The typical ski pole is long & narrow, and more-or-less axially symmetric, so you can just dangle it like a plumb bob to ensure it’s vertical.  This is critical.

A ski pole has a cylindrical shaft, so lines around it representing slope angles are easy to define (with some pretty basic geometry) and can be read from different perspectives .

The trick is in the “lines”.  Each PoleClinometer slope line is defined by the intersection of a hypothetical plane with the surface of the cylindrical pole shaft.  Such a line will appear straight only when viewed from any point on that plane, and will otherwise appear curved.

For more details you can visit poleclinometer.com


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