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    There was a phrase in the Canadian small town where Bubba Albrecht spent time while growing up: “Give’r.” It meant to get after it, do your best, be in the moment.

    When Bubba and friends spent seven days kayaking to Northern Ontario, Canada in 2011, he made everyone a hat to commemorate the trip. It featured the phrase Give’r, along with an outline of the Tetons, representing an area where many, including Bubba lived.

    After the trip, people regularly stopped him to ask where he got the hat, what the phrase meant and if there were more for sale.

    After dozens of requests, Bubba and friends Carly Platt and Jed Mickle formed the Jackson Hole clothing company Give'r. They started selling t-shirts in March 2012, along with hats and a pair of waterproof leather gloves with the logo branded on the outside.