Permethrin Insect Repellant by Sawyer


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We are currently unable to ship permethrin products internationally (this includes Canada). All international orders for permethrin will be canceled and refunded if placed. 

For use on clothing, tents, sleeping bags, and other outdoor gear, Sawyer Permethrin is more than just an insect repellent — it actually kills ticks, mosquitoes, spiders, chiggers, mites, and more than 55 other kinds of insects. Permethrin is also effective against the Yellow Fever Mosquito, which can transmit the Zika Virus.

Permethrin is odorless when dry. During the drying process it tightly bonds with the fibers of the treated garment. It will not stain or damage clothing, fabrics, plastics, finished surfaces, or any of your outdoor gear. Using it on outdoor gear also helps reduce the mosquito population in your camp and prevents ticks from attaching to you.

Use by itself, or with skin applied repellents to build the ultimate protective barrier. Permethrin is a contact insecticide but non-toxic to humans.


  • Odorless when dry
  • Great for clothing, tents, sleeping bags, and other outdoor gear
  • Lasts up to 6 weeks or 6 washings



Best uses: Multisport, hunting, fishing, international travel

Active ingredient: Permethrin (0.5%)

Repellent should be applied outdoors and before clothing is worn; after it’s treated, hang clothing and let dry two hours (four hours in humid conditions).
Avoid contact with skin and eyes during the application phase.

Sizes: 12oz, 24oz Trigger Spray

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