Aries Quilt by Gryphon Gear


Temperature Rating: 40 Degree
Size: Regular / 46" Wide
Color: Azure Blue
$ 292.99


Ships directly from Gryphon Gear in 4-6 Weeks | Based in West Bloomfield, MI | Est. 2019

Gryphon Gear's flagship quilt... the Aries Quilt! With horizontal baffles, 900fp down, a sewn closed footbox, 80% overfill, and a draft collar, these quilts are exceptionally warm and exceptionally light. If you've considered switching to a quilt but have been concerned about getting cold, the Aries Quilt is a wonderful option!


  • Durable, lightweight 
  • 80% overfilled to ensure consistent, non-shifting insulation thickness
  • Differential construction to ensure maximum design loft is achieved
  • Fully baffled internal construction with no sewn-through seams eliminating cold spots
  • Boxed and baffled foot box to eliminate drafts
  • Snap and drawcord with toggle at neck to keep shoulders warm
  • Removable under straps, one with elastic loop for pad to keep the quilt in place and minimize drafts

***Discounts are not available on Gryphon Gear products.



  • Regular length: fits up to 5'11" individual
  • Long length: fits up to 6'3" individual

40 degree:

  • Loft single side: 1.75"
Length Regular Long
Width 46" 54" 64" 46" 54" 64"
Fill weight 10.2oz 11.5oz 12.2oz 10.9oz 12.3oz 13.8oz
Weight (total) 16.1oz 17.9oz 18.9oz 17.1oz 19.1oz 21.3oz


30 degree:

  • Loft single side: 2.25"
Length Regular Long
Width 46" 54" 64" 46" 54" 64"
Fill weight 10.2oz 12.6oz 15.8oz 13.5oz 15.2oz 17oz
Weight (total) 16.1oz 18.6oz 23oz 19.9oz 22.2oz 24.7oz


20 degree:

  • Loft single side: 2.75"
Length Regular Long
Width 46" 54" 64" 46" 54" 64"
Fill weight 10.2oz 15.6oz 19.5oz 16.7oz 18.7oz 21oz
Weight (total) 16.1oz 21.7oz 26.9oz 23.2oz 25.7oz 28.9oz


10 degree:

  • Loft single side: 3.25"
Length Regular Long
Width 54" 64" 54" 64"
Fill weight 21.5oz 24oz 23oz 25.8oz
Weight (total) 28.4oz 31.6oz 30.4oz 33.9oz



  • 10D downproof, DWR nylon shell and lining
  • 900 fill power HyperDRY® water-resistant RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified goose down

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