Ultralight Leash by BeenCampin


Color: Blue
$ 28.99


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Breckenridge, Colorado | Est. 2015

Handmade ultralight and very minimal dog leash. This leash is just 22 grams and can easily fit in your pocket. Standard leash is approximately 5.5 feet (66") from the end of the handle to the start of the carabiner.

The rope for this leash is ultra-high strength AmSteel cordage, made of Dyneema fibers. Dyneema is the strongest fiber on earth, 15x stronger than steel, so despite the cord being just 7/64" and very light, the cord has break strength of 1600 lbs. 

Despite weighing just 8 grams, this carabiner is rated 4kn, or about 900lbs of break strength. The webbing handle has breaking strength of 1800 lbs, but is extremely lightweight. It also has a nice feel on your hand and wrist as a handle.


  • Proclimb Micro 900 carabiner buckle
  • Ultralight Venom UHMWPE webbing handle
  • Rope is spliced rather than knotted to maintain strength.



    • 66" (5.5') long

    Weight: 0.75oz (22g)


    • UHMWPE webbing (handle)
    • 7/64" Dyneema AmSteel (rope)
    • Aluminum (carabiner)

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