Indian Red Lentil Stew by Nomad Nutrition


Size: Snack
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Traditional Indian dal has nothing on this one. Nomad Nutrition kicked things up with more heart warming ingredients to satisfy any craving, anywhere in the world. This vegan version of a classic keeps your body fueled and your taste buds happy, with a delectable blend of healthy ingredients. Not too spicy, not too bland the Indian Red Lentil Stew is a perfect blend of East meets West.


Ingredients: Potatoes, Carrots, Lentils*, Coconut Milk*, Onions, Peas, Sundried Tomatoes*, Olive Oil*, Garlic*, Paprika*, Thyme, Rosemary, Cayenne*, Black Pepper* , Sea Salt*. *=Certified Organic Ingredient.

  • Serves 1

    Single serving (snack size): 340 calories, 10g protein, 10g fat, 30g carb.

    Single serving (meal size): 680 calories, 21g protein, 20g fat, 59g carb.

    Weight: 2.0oz (snack), 4.0oz (meal)

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