Fastpack 30L by Volpi Outdoor Gear


Color: Storm Grey ULTRA™ 100
$ 234.99


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Guadalajara, MX | Est. 2020

Do you like to go fast? Then Volpi Outdoor Gear's FastPack 30 backpack is perfect for you. Similar to a trail running vest, the lateral adjustment system of the FastPack (photos 5-7) makes the pack hold firmly on the user's back while moving fast. The adjusters compress the lower section of the pack with the front straps, creating a zone of tension where almost all the backpack’s weight rests. You can comfortably carry up to 20lb (recommended) with no need for a hip belt due to this lateral adjusting system.

Made with Ultra200, a highly abrasion resistant, ultralight and waterproof fabric. It is important to consider that the less weight you carry, the better the performance of Volpi's FastPack.


  • Frameless
  • Trekking Poles carry system
  • Ice Axe carry system
  • Fast movement running-vest type straps
  • 4 Lycra packets on shoulder straps
  • Big side pockets
  • Front mesh pocket
  • Roll-Top closing system



  • Volume: 25-40L (total capacity)
  • Main Body: 30L
  • Side Pockets: 2L each
  • Front Mesh Pocket: 7L
  • Frame: No
  • Hipbelt: No
  • Recommended maximum load capacity: 28lbs
  • Comfort: 20lbs

Weight: 14.9oz (Ultra100), 15.8oz (Ultra200)


  • Main Body: Challenge ULTRA™ 100 or 200
  • Front pocket: Mesh

Made in Mexico


Ideal for: Day Hiking, Hiking, Thruhiking, Unsupported FKT attempts, Summer Mountaneering, Solo Long Distance Trail Running

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