Morsel XL by Morsel

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It's got a spoon, it's got a fork, it's got a strong cutting edge, most important it's got a spatula like rubber edge that runs along the edge of the spoon allowing you to scrape things completely clean. The extra long design allows you to get deep into dehydrated food bags and tall cook pots without get food all over your hands. 

The carefully designed asymmetric shape of the spoon gives you the ability to reach into a variety of deep corners, curved shapes and side walls of whatever eating container fits your own fancy. Scrape every last bit of food, every single time. More food in your stomach, less cleaning, and less waste.

No more broken handles and tines. Stab whatever you like with the strong, full sized fork. Morsel spork uses durable, BPA free, easy to clean materials and is dishwasher safe. It is designed to be more versatile and useful than other utensils. Simply put, it's designed to work better.

Get ready for a delightful eating experience. 


Weight: .7oz

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