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    CampCraft Coffee

    Gorgeous views, beautiful trails, amazing friends and disgusting instant coffee. Can you spot the outlier? This was the recipe of every backpacking, kayaking, and climbing trips had for years. 
    For awhile, brewing fresh ground coffee in an AeroPress felt like the answer to the problem of bad coffee in the backcountry, but the inconvenience and hassle was too steep for 20 minutes of bliss.  Used grounds had to be packed out and the cleanup was messy.  Not to mention it was a hassle digging through my pack and bear can to find everything. How could I justify bringing ground coffee and an AeroPress when I was cutting my toothbrush in half and forgoing my camp chair to save weight?
    The logical solution was to buy instant coffee that tastes better.  After having tried hundreds of different brands over the years and being completely unsatisfied, I realized I would have to make my own instant coffee.  With many months of trial and error using a tabletop freeze dryer, I finally figured out how to put cafe quality coffee in a packet. Now you can enjoy convenience and deliciousness without any of the hassle or clean up.