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    Borealis Wool Co.

    A couple of years ago I got this crazy idea, let's start a clothing line using Merino wool and make it in Minnesota. And why not? We spent every waking free minute in any patch of wilderness we could find and merino was by far the most plentiful and beloved fiber in our wardrobe, so what better endeavor to pursue than to develop a product that one uses frequently and loves dearly.

    The thought of it captivated us and soon dreams were filled with the possibilities. So, I bought a ticket to New Zealand, the Merino mecca of the world, and the odyssey began to unfold. For five weeks I traveled the islands, meeting with textile designers, local wool gurus, sheep station operators and loads of wandering travelers.

     It culminated in a simple mission; endeavor to create beautiful, well crafted and thoughtfully designed garments of merino wool for wherever your adventures take you. All while supporting healthy communities both at home and abroad. This is what we do and our goal is to be the very best at it.