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    Backcountry Staples

    Backcountry Staples makes adventure-ready meals optimized for outdoor trips, travel, and everyday life on the go. The thoughtfully wholesome recipes use clean ingredients to make flavorful, energizing meals you can trust. Founder JC Coughlin created Backcountry Staples out of his own need for minimally packaged, lightweight meals that meet a variety of dietary restrictions. Whether you also struggle with a food allergy or just want a conveniently nutritious option, Backcountry Staples has you covered!

    At its core, Backcountry Staples is about much more than creating tasty, quick-cooking meals in compact packaging. This small but mighty company is dedicated to its community by ensuring adventure opportunities exist for generations to come. 3% of every purchase is distributed to a partner non-profit organization that’s working to protect and care for public lands. Feed your body, nourish your soul, and get ready for your next adventure by stocking up on a selection of Backcountry Staples! What are you waiting for?