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    Alpine Start Coffee

    /ˈalˌpīn stärt/: a term used by mountaineers, alpinists and climbers to describe beginning a climb before the sunrise. That’s really early! Temperature changes tend to affect snow, ice, and rockfall during the day, forcing climbers to begin climbing in the wee hours of the morning. A standard Alpine Start can be anywhere from midnight to sunrise all with the hopes of minimizing any objective hazards.

    Alpine Start was born out of a desire to make a great tasting, grogginess-staving, affordable instant coffee that you can take outside or on the go.

    The idea for an instant coffee that actually tasted good was conceived by founder Matt Segal while on a climbing expedition to the Bugaboos of British Columbia. On returning to his home of Boulder, CO he enlisted natural food rock star, Alex Hanifin to help. Shortly after, this dynamic duo of adventure athlete and foodie created the Original Blend of premium instant coffee. It's Instant Coffee That Actually Tastes Good™ and made from high quality, high altitude arabica beans.