Men's 8020 AG-Tee by Appalachian Gear Company


Color: Cobalt
Size: Small
$ 94.99



Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Charlotte, NC | Est. 2015

Spend less time worrying about what you’re wearing and more time enjoying the outdoors.

The all-new short sleeve 8020 AG-Tee™ is the first lightweight tech shirt of its kind to utilize this precise blend of 80% alpaca fibers and 20% Tencel™. Appalachian Gear Company has always known that you can make high-performance apparel from 100% natural fibers, and it will stand up to any outdoor pursuit better than synthetics.

This shirt is a truly sustainable option for anyone looking for a durable, lightweight, quick-drying, and comfortable shirt to wear for most activities.


  • The Trail Seam™ - Designed for tremendous toughness and durability, so you can be confident the gear will perform under extreme stress and prolonged usage
  • Weft Knit - This special knit structure resists “running” - so if you poke a hole in it while you are in the backcountry, the hole may get slightly larger over time, but you don’t have to worry about the hole turning in to a long “run” as experienced in many lightweight knits
  • Lightweight - Ensures this is a shirt you'll never hesitate to throw in your pack
  • Longer tail - Provides coverage and allows for free movement

Fit: "Regular Fit” Style - Not too snug and not too loose. It looks great and allows for a full range of motion. Natural fibers perform at their optimal level when allowed a little room to breathe. If a more athletic fit is needed, you can go a size down.



Weight: ~6oz (large) 

Note: Since Alpaca is a natural fiber with variability, weights can fluctuate from lot to lot. The weight of the Men’s 8020 AG-Tee™ shirts ranges from 5-7 ounces depending on size.

Materials: 80% Alpaca / 20% Tencel™

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