Water Bottle Sleeve by Chicken Tramper Gear


Size: 0.75L
$ 30


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Hancock, MI | Est. 2018

Just as smart as the bottle

New Wide Water Bottle Sleeve for Nalgene® Bottles! 

This water bottle sleeve attaches to the shoulder strap of any backpack with webbing running down the strap (daisy chain). It uses two plastic siamese clips to attach to the strap above and below the pouch. It can then be cinched tight using the webbing slider on the back panel.

Works well with most water bottles (including smart water bottles). Not a perfect fit with a Cnoc Vesica.




  • 0.75L: 1.4oz
  • 1L: 1.6oz
  • Wide: 1.7oz


  • Front fabric: Nylon Mesh
  • Back fabric: X-Pac (VX07)
  • Components: 1" Nylon Webbing, 1/8" Shock Cord

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