Classic Hand-Branded Leather Gloves by Give'r


Size: X-Small
$ 39.99


Ships within 3-4 business days | Based in Jackson, WY | Est. 2010

The Classic Hand-Branded Leather Give’r Gloves were born straight out of the Tetons, where sturdy, lined gloves are a necessity—not a luxury. 

"The Glove of 100 Uses" arrive water-sealed and ready to use.

  • Slip-on style all-leather glove
  • Heatrac micro-fiber insulation
  • Sock-lining construction; glove inside of a glove
  • Each glove is unique in appearance because of variations in the leather
  • Natural wax Sno-Seal waterproofing

The Give'r glove is the ultimate in versatility. Use it for rippin’ ski turns, chopping wood, making snowballs, duck hunting, and about 96 other uses.

Special Ordering Instructions: To obtain your glove size, use a measuring tape to find the circumference of your hand, around the palm. Then, simply match the measurement with the sizing table in the specs tab.

Care Instructions: Remove dirt with a soft cloth or soft brush. Reapply Sno-Seal brand waterproofing wax according to package directions, as required.



Give'r Classic Hand-Branded Leather Glove Sizing

These are approximate sizes and a lot depends on how you like your gloves to fit. The lined gloves will pack out from the inside, but do not stretch on the outside any measurable amount. To give you a reference, the majority of our male customers wear a size large and the majority of our female customers wear a size small.

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