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Down vs Apex Natural vs Sythentic Insulation Pros and Cons Sleeping Bags Jackets Quilts Backpacking Gear

Natural vs Synthetic Insulation

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Tips How to Backpack in Desert by Jeff Legend Garmire

Tips and Takeaways — Backpacking in the Desert

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Darrah Blackwater Colorado Trail - Indigenous Athletes Thru-Hikers Female Safety JEDI Outdoor Inclusivity

For Indigenous Athletes, Inclusivity Means Safety

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Lone Star Hiking Trail LSHT Houston TX - Katie Oats Houston

The Lone Star Hiking Trail in 29 Photos

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Thru-Hiking Arizona New Mexico Utah

Why I hiked 1,400 Miles to Hanksville, Utah

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Backpacking - Not Just for the Ultralight

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Sierras PCT Thru-Hiking Latina Diversity BIPOC Pacific Crest Trail Racism Implicit Bias — Heather Diaz

My Experience Being a Latina Hiking on the PCT

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