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Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt Review

When I stumbled on enLIGHTened Equipment for the first time, the concept of using a quilt instead of a sleeping bag was altogether new to me. (That was right at the beginning, when I first dipped my big toe into the ultralight world, before I knew that there was a difference between ultralight and super ultralight).

The idea behind a quilt, as I found out, is that the fill used on the floor of a sleeping bag is more or less unnecessary extra weight, since as your body lays on top of it, the compressed fill doesn’t add much warmth. The warmth for your underside mostly comes from your sleeping pad.

Ingenious? Obvious? I’d say a little bit of both. But what I discovered in my trial run of an enLIGHTened Equipment Revelation Quilt is that a compact, lightweight sleep system is just one of several reasons to switch to a quilt. 

Enlightened Revelation-01 - SMALL  

Quilts are incredibly versatile. If you’re too hot, it’s easy to let in air. If you’re too cold, it’s easy to zip up the foot box and cinch the quilt’s straps around your sleeping pad.

If you want to snuggle up with your significant other – whether for romantic or weight-saving reasons – you can lay it out flat over both of you.

If you want to sleep in a hammock, that works too.

And here’s the real untold secret: it makes breastfeeding while camping SO much easier. My baby girl could curl up next to me under the quilt much easier than she ever could with my sleeping bag.

Also, quilts are also well-suited for those who toss and turn in their sleep, such as myself. Sleeping bags tend twist around me, almost as if wringing me out. My quilt stayed put.

Enlightened Revelation-02 - SMALL


Enlightened Revelation-16 - SMALL


Now that I’ve told you why I’m sold on quilts, let me now tell you why I’m sold on enLIGHTened Equipment quilts: EnLIGHTened Equipment quilts are anything but a mass-produced, one-size-fits all piece of outdoor equipment. On the contrary, they’re custom and handmade – and get this – also incredibly affordable. 


photo (3) - edit 

photo 5

Marshall and his team make all enLIGHTened Equipment quilts in the basement of his Winona, Minnesota home (with his sewers also often working on the quilts out of their own homes).

His kids play upstairs to the hum of the machines filling quilts with down. On some days it may be too easy for Marshsall to get distracted from work by family happenings, but then again that’s what it’s all about: being there as his kids grow up and being there for customers who are as passionate about using his products as he is about making them.

enLIGHTened Equipment’s commitment to personalized service and an excellent product is so fundamental to the company’s philosophy that it offers a powerful guarantee: “It is simple, you will be happy.”  



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Jim Junker

Jim Junker

When will the Revelation 40 degree quilts be available again? I would really like to have one as soon as they are available again.




Thanks for leaving your thoughts. EE definitely has amazing prices esp. given that it’s so high quality and custom made!




Very cool idea, I am a Hammock camper and need an under quilt. Most l’ve seen are too expensive.

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