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CuloClean Lightweight Backpacking Bidet LNT

CuloClean: Portable Bidets Saving Our Butts in the Backcountry

Startup StoriesMaria Weidich
Rinord Best Outdoor Hiking Running Shorts System

Rinord Shorts: 50 Prototypes in the Making 

Startup StoriesMaria Weidich
Crag Dog Upcycled Eco-Friendly Dog Leashes and Toys Climbing Rope

CragDog: From Bicycling to Upcycling Eco-Friendly Dog Gear

Startup StoriesMaria Weidich
Cascadia Instant Coffee Lightweight Backpacking

Cascadia Roasters: Epic Coffee for Instant Adventures

Startup StoriesAmy Hatch
Red Paw Packs UL Fanny Packs Ultralight Gear Backpacking Maker

Red Paw Packs: From Broke College Student to UL Gear Maker

Startup StoriesMaria Weidich
Heather's Choice Healthy Backcountry Backpacking Food Meals Snacks

Heather’s Choice: Wild About Healthy Backcountry Eats

Startup StoriesMaria Weidich
Joe Chocolate Co Coffee Caffeine Thru-Hiking Backpacking Snacks Food

Joe Chocolate Co: Caffeinated Calories for Going the Distance

Startup StoriesMaria Weidich
Ombraz Lightweight Armless Sunglasses with Cord

Ombraz Sunglasses: Making Sidearms Obsolete

Startup StoriesAmy Hatch
Timmermade Lightweight Hand Sewn Made Custom Cottage UL Gear Backpacking Sleep System Hood Waterbear

Timmermade: From Pro Cycling to Sewing UL Gear Off-Grid

Startup StoriesAmy Hatch

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