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Surf Wyoming Outdoor Lifestyle Hats and Clothing

There are a lot of outdoor activities people think of when they think of Wyoming: hiking, climbing, biking, skiing and paddling. Surfing usually isn’t among them.

But Surf Wyoming, a company originally named for surfing the Snake River, has a different take. It uses the term “Surf Wyoming” to encompass whatever outdoor pursuits get your heart pumping and your lungs breathing fresh air, said P.J. Treide one of the owners.

“We want our customers to decide what it means to them,” he said.

The USA-made clothing brand "doesn’t design über-technical gear that will help you camp naked in a snow igloo [quite yet]" but it does take seriously its role "to champion a fun, kick-ass, give-back-when-possible lifestyle."


Surf Wyoming started in the 1990s as a social cause, selling t-shirts like ones reading “Paddlers for Clean Water” to raise money for organizations supporting water health.

Since then it’s changed hands twice, and is now run by a group of Wyoming natives.

The company shares its profits with several organizations focused on promoting health and introducing the next generation to outdoor activities, such as Joey’s Fishing Foundation, which teaches fishing and rod building to at-risk youth.

The newest owners have also stayed true to representing Wyoming. The company’s expanded line of shirts and hats feature bison and bucking broncos on many models.

Surf Wyoming Cool Outdoor Shirts and Hats

(Photos by Craig Okraska,

“Wyoming is seen as kind of this exotic place if you are not from here,” P.J. said. “The company tries to promote the state as much as we can.”

In the next year to year-and-a-half the company expects to create several new accessories and designs that will stay in line with the brand’s distinctive look.

“It’s definitely not western, but it’s going to play off some of those things,” P.J. said. “It’s quirky and it’s different. It’s things people haven’t seen before.”




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