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Give'r All Sport Midweight Base Layers Review - Garage Grown Gear


I was having the internal debate that so often happens when working from home. Did I have to change out of my ratty, old, food-stained sweatshirt, to go run errands around town? That’s when I remembered my new Give’r Midweight All Sport shirt had arrived the day before. It was adorable, in an oatmeal color with blue piping around a chest pocket, and just as comfortable as the old sweatshirt I was wearing.

Give’r recently expanded its All Sport line of shirts to include the Midweight and Silkweight, filling out its offerings from the Lightweight, released earlier in the year. (To read our review of the Give’r Lightweight All Sport, click here).

The 100 percent polyester Midweight is the thickest in the line and feels like a lightweight sweatshirt, providing the comfort of clothes you’d wear at home Sunday night recovering from adventures in the mountains, with style you can wear around town. Technical features, like the ability to zip up the sweatshirt to protect your entire lower face and thumb holes to keep your hands warm, set it apart from other lifestyle shirts.

Give'r All Sport Midweight Base Layers Review - Garage Grown Gear 2

During the unseasonably warm weather we had in Montana in January I would wear this shirt to meetings in town and then head straight to local trails for afternoon hikes. Hikes would be followed by meeting friends for a drink.

While the Midweight is the heaviest in the All Sport line, the new Silkweight is the lightest. It’s 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex. Normally I’m quick to strip my sweaty clothes off, but I found myself changing everything but the shirt after a winter run. It was just so comfortable. It fit great beneath other layers, but on warm days I found myself wearing it as my only layer, using the hood and thumb holes when I got chilly and unzipping the top when I started to get hot. It’s thin, but keeps you toasty.

Give'r All Sport Silkweight Base Layers Review - Garage Grown Gear

It’s also has a flattering fit, and with its length, I felt comfortable enough to pop into a store after a winter workout, still in my running tights. (I’m not a person that normally likes to be seen in spandex or fitted exercise clothes unless I’m in the process of exercising).

You can check out more of my specific thoughts below, but here’s the bottom line: I recently left home for a six-week job in Wyoming. I needed to pack office, gym and casual clothes along with snow pants and a ski jacket. It forced me to be especially selective in what I really wanted and needed to take. I chose the most versatile pieces in my closet. Both Give’r shirts came with me.

Give'r All Sport Silkweight Base Layers Review - Garage Grown Gear 2

Give'r All Sport Midweight


- It’s adorable. I got compliments on it everywhere I went. It’s a basic design with great details like the Give’r logo on one of the back shoulders.

- Thumb holes. All shirts should come with thumb holes. They don’t impact fit and weather can change so quickly that suddenly even on a short walk on a sunny day, your hands can get cold when the wind picks up.

- The weight. The midweight fills a niche I didn’t even realize was missing in my wardrobe. It’s warmer than a long sleeve shirt I’d throw on over a t-shirt or baselayer, and lighter than a sweatshirt or jacket.

- Zips all the way up. Most chest zippers on shits stop at the neck, this one will keep going and even cover your face. Perfect for when the wind picks up.

- The length. The entire shirt is longer than average, but especially in the back. I never had to tug at it to pull it down, while performing some impromptu scrambling on a hike, while running after and picking up children, or even when bowling.

- The price. It's reasonable.  


Cons: - No side pockets. I kept wanting to put my hands in my pockets, or put my keys or phone in my pockets and the pockets didn’t exist. The chest pocket isn’t super comfortable for holding bulkier objects.

- Stiff, small zippers that can be hard to move barehanded and are impossible gloved.

- Slim fit. The same cut that makes it so adorable also makes it limited in layering. I could only comfortably wear a fitted t-shirt or baselayer underneath it. It was a little too tight when throwing it over a looser fitting long-sleeved shirt and I, at the suggestion of the Give’r team, even ordered one size bigger than I normally wear.

- Fabric. I love the feel of the polyester and the shirt is so comfortable. It just wasn’t that great feeling when it got wet, from rain, snow or sweat.  

Give'r All Sport Silkweight


- The length. This is the longest base layer I’ve ever worn and I loved it. The fabric is so thin it tucks in easily to snow pants. But I took to wearing it untucked and as my only layer while running and skiing on warm days.

- The fit. Too often I find shirts are either way too baggy or way too fitted. The Give’r Silkweight hits the sweet spot for me with a slim fit without being skin tight.

- The fabric. The Silkweight feels like its name suggests, silky. It also, unlike so many baselayers, doesn’t smell horrible after a day of wicking away sweat.

- The price. It's reasonable.  



- No side pockets. I never knew how much I used and appreciated side pockets until wearing a shirt without one. It’s true that most of my baselayers don’t have pockets, but I also wouldn’t wear most of those shirts out as my only layer like I would with the Silkweight All Sport.  


MORE INFO: Click here to read our review of the Give’r Lightweight All Sport.  


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