Top New Outdoor Products of 2022

Lloyd Vogel

Lots of new gear hit the market in 2022. As we look forward to new products in 2023, here were some of our 2022 favorites! Want to see our Top New Outdoor Brands of 2022? Click HERE!



Kakwa 40L by Durston Gear

"The KakwaTM 40 is our premium ultralight, multi-day pack design. Its design is informed by Dan’s thousands of miles of backpacking experience to give the Kakwa 40 best-in-class load carrying, materials, pocket design, and quality – all while weighing a mere 27 oz / 775 g."

Check out The Kakwa 40L by Durston Gear



NU25 UL Headlamp by Nitecore

"The NU25 UL is, at only 1.59 ounces, optimized for the most dedicated outdoor enthusiast that take carry weight very seriously. The dual band design evenly distributes the weight with a very simple cinching mechanism to control the tightness for user comfort. The multithreaded cord has highly reflective bands for enhanced visibility, as well as glow-in-the-dark bands for visibility without ambient light."

Checkout the NU25 UL by Nitecore



Unbound System by Hyperlite Mountain Gear

"In building a reliable, efficient, and comfortable ultralight backpacking kit, “The Big Three” are big for a reason. They’re the core components of your ticket into and out of great experiences in the backcountry. And everybody knows good things come in threes–like the three longest thru hiking trails, for example. We can’t walk those miles for you, but we’ve got a system that will get you to your journey’s end and beyond."

Checkout the Unbound System by Hyperlite Mountain Gear



Camp Jacket Full Zip by SkyGoat 

"Cozy, functional, and stylish.  Has a spacious athletic cut for active enthusiasts hanging around town or out on an adventure. Soft and comfy with a fitted hood and hand pockets."

Checkout the Camp Jacket Full Zip by SkyGoat



BV475-Trek & BV425-Sprint by BearVault

"The Trek answers an increasing demand for smaller food storage options that fit into smaller, lightweight packs. Depending on experience handling hydrated and caloric weight efficient foods, the Trek allows backpackers to make efficient packing choices for a 5-6 day trip.

The Sprint is ideally suited for overnight or 2 day trips, youth and smaller backpackers, or for groups who share the food load among all hikers."


Ultralight Down Jackets by Katabatic Gear

"Whether worn to trivia night or on backcountry pursuits, the Tarn and Tincup are designed to seal in warmth in cold weather."

Checkout the Tarn and Tincup by Katabatic Gear


Dark Sky 18L by Waymark Gear Co.

"The DARK SKY 18L Daypack was designed with adventure in mind! Whether exploring the National Parks, traveling, bagging peaks, or going for a quick day hike, the DARK SKY 18L Daypack is the pack for the job. Built from recycled fabrics, the DARK SKY 18L features easy zippered access to the main body of the pack, and includes an internal storage pocket for small gear items like keys, wallet, sunscreen, etc. The DARK SKY 18L also includes three external stretch pockets to carry a light jacket and small water bottles."

Checkout the Dark Sky 18L by Waymark Gear Co.



Triple Crown Button Down Sun Hoodie by Jolly Gear

"The do-it-all hybrid sun shirt! Rugged enough for America’s triple crown of backpacking and stylish enough to go wherever the adventure takes you."

Checkout the Triple Crown Button Down by Jolly Gear

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