This Week in Outdoor Gear Startups: Pinch Mugs, Tomahawks, Snow Shovels & Off Grid Communication!

KickstartersLloyd Vogel

Interested in what outdoorsy projects are live on Kickstarter? We've got you covered! This week we are checking out 4 Kickstarter Projects currently seeking your support: GoHeart, Pinch Mug, The Relic, and The TUSK 

No signal? No problem! The GoHeart communication device allows you to text, leave voice messages, and GPS locate your traveling companions without having service. While I'd naturally assume this thing is powered by magic, apparently it works through low powered blue tooth signals. Find yourself in a sticky situation? Send out an SOS! 

GoHeart uses DSSS to reduce overall signal interference and supports a higher coverage range than a traditional walkie-talkie. The technology also allows GoHeart to be sensitive in receiving transmission and uses low power consumption.

Learn More - Visit the GoHeart Kickstarter Project 


Sure its not your typical Kickstarter, but this Etsy looking project features a pretty sweet mug. No, it won't transform into a Keurig that produces perfect macchiatos whenever you beckon, but it will hold your coffee, and make you feel pretty cool in the process. 

The Pinch Mug is the perfect cup to bring your love for the wall into the home and the office. Without screaming "Climbing Mug!", the subtle and beautiful Pinch Mug is a pleasure to use and makes a great addition to your mug collection.

Learn More - Visit the Climbers' Pinch Mug Kickstarter Project 


While I personally can't think of many reasons why I'd need a tactical tomahawk, I'm fully convinced that I want this tactical tomahawk. Looks pretty sweet right? Its ambitious 65K goal will probably cause this campaign to fall short, but this made in the USA tomahawk is certainly a beaut.

The Relic will feature a 3-inch pike on the back end, and a 2.5-inch blade on the front, both of which will be heat treated and tempered for ultimate sharpness and blade retention. A sharpened under-mount blade below the beard will aid in blade retraction after puncture.

Learn More - Visit the Relic's Kickstarter Project 


Sure we just got through winter, but this shovel makes me want it to snow again just so I can give it a try! Incredibly intentionally designed, it seems like it does just about every you'd need it to. Toss it in the back of your car, and get rid of that bulky shovel and those 5 crappy ice scrappers that have been sitting there for the last 5 years. 

The MMTH GEAR™ TUSK combines an impact resistant, lightweight chassis with a core set of features including a snow shovel, retractable steel digging spade, extra wide scraper sheath, durable elastomer wipers and enhanced usability with our POWERGRIP™ handle platform.

Learn More - Visit the TUSK Kickstarter Project 


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